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Invest in Balıkesir

Organized Industrial Zones

Organized Industrial Zones are one of the many incentive implementations which are enacted in order to develop the industry in Turkey. Organized Industrial Zones are designed in a way that allows the businesses start their activities almost immediately by benefiting from existence of readily built infrastructure and social facilities. The infrastructure built in these zones include roads, water, natural gas, electricity, communication, waste treatment, and all other related services.

Advantages of Investing in OIZ

OIZs, which are non-profit value-oriented foundations that offer solutions to common problems of the industry, are established with the aim of bringing competitive, qualified, low-cost energy supply and infrastructure to their industrialists.

Lower Electricity, Natural Gas, Water Costs: OIZs, by providing those services themselves, do not pay any service fees which normally are paid to electricity distribution companies, thus the industrialists pay solely for the electricity consumption itself. Therefore, the reduction in costs becomes as high as 20% and once the investment repayments are completed, they increase even more and become constant.

OIZs provide natural gas for costs lower than distribution companies and reflect the reduction to their industrialists.

Due to the fact that OIZs have their own consumption and process water systems as well as waste water discharge systems, they do not use any of the municipalities’ services, which lower the water prices for the investors.

Waste Water Treatment and Environment: OIZs provide important advantages in environment protection, which is a trending topic contemporarily. Making the industrialists follow the legal framework regarding “establishment and operation of waste water treatment facilities” and “solid waste disposal and environment” without any additional costs or efforts on the industrialists, OIZs offer cheaper services than the market.

More Incentives and Supports in the OIZs: In the scope of Ministry of Economy Incentives System, several advantages are provided to the investors who invest in OIZs. Investments made in OIZs enjoy better terms and gains in the scope of regional and big-scale incentives.

Aside from those mentioned above, businesses who invest in OIZs enjoy these advantages below:

  • Value Added Tax exemption in land purchases
  • Property tax exemption (valid for following the 5 years from completion of the facility’s construction)
  • Tax exemption in parcel division/unification processes.
  • Local governments tax exemption in construction and operation of facilities.
  • Solid waste tax exemption in case OIZ is not benefiting from any municipality services.

In Balıkesir, there are 5 active OIZs suitable for industry investments in 3 different locations.

  • 850 Acres of Land Stock
  • 355 Parcels 

OIZs in Balıkesir are industrial areas which are administered by professional staff with modern administration understanding, keeping the sensitivities of the private sector prominent.

  • Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone
  • Balıkesir II. Organized Industrial Zone
  • Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone
  • Gönen Leather Specialized and Mixed Organized Industrial Zone
  • Burhaniye Olive and Olive Products Processing Specialized Organized Industrial Zone

Aside from these, all OIZs are in ‘mixed-industrial zone’ status.

While investments continue for OIZs, along with mentioned 5 OIZs, constructions of Ayvalık Food and Food Business Specialized Organized Zone, Dursunbey Organized Industrial Zone and Bandırma Metal Specialized Organized Industrial Zone are going on.

Furthermore, expansion works also continue in Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone and Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone to create advantages to investors investing in these zones.

As region’s OIZs mostly host labor-heavy sectors, there is a good opportunity of specialization in high-tech sectors and enjoy a great competitive advantage. Among these sectors, renewable energy sector is the most prominent one as it is expected to create a €40.000.000 value added by year 2023. Due to aging population and consequent health problems, medical electronic industry and pharmacy sector are expected to develop rapidly, which offers great opportunities to investors who are eager to invest in these sectors.

Foreign capital investments in Balıkesir mostly are active in mining, energy and food sectors. Almost all the foreign capital industrial businesses in the region are of European origin. According to the Ministry of Economy’s incentives system legal framework, which was published in 2012, Balıkesir is in the 3rd region. Income tax withholding support, insurance premium support, tax exception, investment area allotment and interest support, which are applied to the investments made in the province’s borders will contribute greatly to the increasing investments. Within the scope of incentives system, as long as the investments are made in OIZs they will be able to benefit from 4th region incentives.