Energy in Balikesir

Prominent in renewable energy sources, Balıkesir has a strong potential with regards to wind, biomass, biogas, solar power and geothermal energy production.

Being in a geography suitable for wind and solar energy investments, the province also has plenty of agricultural and animal waste capacity with high calorific value required for biogas and biomass investments.

20% of all wind power investments in Turkey is made to Balıkesir. All of these investments are active and have a total installed capacity of 923 MW. Total installed power capacity of wind power investments under construction is 80 MW and constitutes 4,3% of all wind power investments under construction in Turkey. Total area of land where Wind power plants can be installed in Balıkesir consists of 3000 km². Total installable power capacity is calculated as approximately 14,000 MW.

Agricultural and animal waste, forestry products and waste as well as industrial waste are used as sources for biomass energy production. Wastes of wheat, rice, sunflower, corn, and canola, which are widely grown in Balıkesir, have a huge potential for biomass investments with regards to their high calorie content.

Biogas is a gas mixture without odor and color and lighter than air with mostly methane content obtained by anaerobic fermentation of organic waste materials. Commonly performed Bovine feeding, dairy cattle raising, ovine feeding and poultry farming wastes constitute major resources for biogas.

According to the map prepared for Balıkesir by using Turkey Solar Power Potential Atlas (GEPA) data, annual global radiation value on the horizontal plane is 1.422 kWh/m². With regards to sunshine factor, which is quite important for solar power investment, Sındırgı, Altıeylül, Karesi, İvrindi, Burhaniye, Ayvalık ve Gömeç counties are suitable for solar power investments.

5th Region Incentives are implemented for turbines, generators and vanes production investments in the province as they are needed for renewable energy production. Such implementation of incentives encourages production of renewable energy equipment on local level, supporting domestic production. 

Balıkesir Yatırım Destek Ofisi
Paşaalanı Mahallesi A. Gaffar Okkan Caddesi
No:28/1 Karesi - Balıkesir / Türkiye
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