Why Invest in Balikesir

Geographic Location

1. Being located in the Marmara region, which is the hub for economic activities

2. Having shores in both the Aegean and the Marmara Seas

3. Being located at the intersection of metropoles such as İstanbul, Bursa and İzmir

4. It’s location close to Europe

5. Existence of large lands suitable for investments in any industry



6. Being located on majör transport routes

7. Wide and developing highway network

8. Easy access to industrial ports

9. Quick access to industrial centers

10. Located at the heart of BALO (Great Anatolian Logistics Organizations) Project

11. Easy access to national and international markets through Gökköy Logistics Center

12. Railroad network connected to İzmir, Ankara and İstanbul

13. 2 airports in Edremit and Central Altıeylül counties



14. 2 high quality universities

15. 175 fully equipped academic departments

16. Over 40,000 university students

17. Vocational education and practice programs supported by Public sector

18. Vocational high schools and vocational schools of higher education in each district.

19. Widespread vocational courses and entrepreneurship courses

20. Existence of educational projects aimed at youth



21. 30 fully equipped hospitals

22. 20 public health centers

23. 328 family health centers

24. Public health laboratory

25. Climate and nature suitable for founding rehabilitation centers

26. Curative thermal resources spread over the province



27. Hardworking, young and dynamic population 

28. Labor force potential that meets intermediary and technical staff

29. Attention of qualified labor towards Balıkesir

30. Non-immigrant demographics


Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

31. Fertile and irrigable lands

32. Favorable climate conditions

33. Rich flora

34. Diversity in agricultural production

35. Wide pasture lands

36. Among the top in bovine numbers

37. Endemic species in ovine breeding

38. Among the top in white meat production

39. Increasing fruit growing activities

40. Wide forests for beekeeping activities

41. Favorable lands for greenhouse investments and geothermal resources

42. High potential in organic farming

43. Wide olive groves

44. Endemic olive species and branded   olive oil

45. Among the leaders in rice plant growing 

46. Favorable environment for growing   medicinal aromatic plants 

47. Developed contracted production   culture

48. Variety in agricultural incentives



49. Advanced agriculture-industry integration 

50. 4 general and 1 specialized organized industrial zones with professional staff

51. 2 more organized industrial zones being built

52. 16 small industrial sites supplying large companies

53. Existence of land favorable for investment at all scales

54. Proximity to industrial raw material

55. Various industrial production

56. Numerous industrial businesses at each scale

57. Economic value created by approximately 50 different industrial products

58. Increasing university-industry collaboration

59. Prominence of Balıkesir in the process of deindustrialization of İstanbul



60. Climate and nature favorable for tourism in four seasons.

61. Numerous alternative tourism activities

62. Developed coastal tourism

63. 291 km coast and tens of islands

64. About 30 beaches with blue flag

65. Resources waiting to be used in health tourism 

66. 8 thermal tourism centers and 1 culture and tourism protection and   development zone

67. Numerous nature parks

68. Bird Sanctuary and Kazdağı (The Mount Ida) National Parks 

69. Bays and gulfs favorable for diving and other water sports

70. Rich ecosystem enabling botanic tourism

71. Rich historic and cultural heritage

72. International Koca Seyit Airport facilitating access to touristic regions

73. Gastronomy tourism with a rich cuisine


Renewable Energy

74. Diversity in energy production

75. Existence of locations favorable for Renewable Energy Source Field (YEKA)

76. Geothermal potential that can be used in   various areas

77. Number one in RES Investments in Turkey

78. High sunshine duration for SES Investments 

79. High amount of agricultural, industrial and   domestic waste for biogas and biomass investments 80. Additional incentives for use of domestic technology   and domestic equipment

81. Opportunity to benefit from region 5 incentives   in turbine, generator and blade production



82. Housing 37 of 90 types of mines that have reserves in Turkey

83. Region specific marble types

84. Rich boron deposits

85. Two-thirds of kaolin reserves of Turkey which is an input for many sectors

86. Availability of mineral types and industrial input

87. Industrial production improving with high quality mining products


Real Estate

83. Region specific marble types

84. Rich boron deposits

85. Two-thirds of kaolin reserves of Turkey which is an input for many sectors

86. Availability of mineral types and industrial input

87. Industrial production improving with high quality mining products

88. Investment environment that will advance with urban renewal projects

89. Increasing demand for real estate stemming from increased tourism, industry, logistics and transportation investments

90. Development of fair and congress center, recreational areas and such projects that increase quality of social life

91. Demand structure that is suitable for commercial real estate projects such   as dormitories, business centers, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

92. Existence of land suitable for any type of real estate

93. Relatively low land prices


 Incentives and Supports

94. Most advantageous incentive rates among provinces neighboring the Aegean and the Marmara Seas

95. Being in “Region 3” in Ministry of Economy incentives

96. Being in “Region 4” in investments made in incentives Organized Industrial Zones

97. “Region 5” supports provided to a lot of industry

98. Grants and supports provided by South Marmara Development Agency

99. Financial support provided by Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution

100. Opportunity to benefit from supports provided by Ministries, Turkish Industrial Development Bank, Eximbank and EU institutions

101. Services provided to businesses during investment processes by Balıkesir  Investment Support Office

Balıkesir Yatırım Destek Ofisi
Paşaalanı Mahallesi A. Gaffar Okkan Caddesi
No:28/1 Karesi - Balıkesir / Türkiye
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