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The Regulation Which About Fully or Partially Free Allocation of Parcels in Organized Industrial Zones Has Been Entered into Force by Being Published in Official Newspaper 21 March 2018

The regulation which determine procedures and principles about fully or partially free allocation of parcels to legal or real persons in Organized Industrial Zones has been entered into force by being published in Official Newspaper dated 09.02.2018.


Allocation Terms Foreseen By The Regulation

According to the Regulation, in case of being taken decision by industrial organized zone enterpreneur board or general assembly, the inallocated parcels in ownership of organized industrial zones, would be allocated fully or partially free to legal or real persons who makes invesments which provides minimum employment condition stated below.

The number of employment which is stated in eighth item of the Regulation and have to been quaranteed by legal or real persons who have been applied for allocation of parcels is as seen below:


  • At least 10 persons for parcels which are up to 5.000 m2
  • At least 20 persons for parcels which are between 5000-1.000 m2
  • At least 30 persons for parcels which are between 10000-20.000 m2
  • At least 50 persons for parcels which are bigger than 20.000 m2

Legal or real persons who want parcels within the scope of the regulation and who make investments which foreseen minumum number of employment stated above have to apply to organized industrial zone which includes the parcel which is demanded being allocated.