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Invest in Balıkesir

Filli Boya to Make an Investment of $33.000.000 in Balıkesir 03 March 2017

Filli Boya to Make an Investment of $33,000,000 in Balıkesir

Filli Boya, one of the biggest companies operating in chemistry sector in Turkey, decided to make an investment of approximately $33,000,000 in Balıkesir. Filli boya started heat insulation activities in 2003 and has seen the issue as a ‘social responsibility project’.

The company is preparing to establish its third jacketing material production facility in Turkey, on a 70 sqm area in Balıkesir province. General Manager Tayfun KÜÇÜKOĞLU, made a speech at the land allocation signing ceremony and told that with the investment they are making in Balıkesir, they will create a facility to be an example not only to Turkey, but to whole Europe in jacketing sector.

 An Addition of 200 to 1,200 Employees

Telling they have two other production facilities with a total 1,200 employees in Gebze and Kayseri, Küçükoğlu says they will create 200 more jobs with their investment in Balıkesir. “With our activities in thermal insulation sector we helped reducing our country’s trade deficit and contributed to reducing consumers’ energy expenses. Turkey’s energy imports costs her $75,000,000,000; this needs to go down. To this day, households in Turkey saved $1,370,000,000 thanks to 125 million sqm of jacketing. We contributed to preservation of nature enormously by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to our activities, we made Turkey import less natural gas, saving $1,179,000,000 in energy expenditures. We work with a great social responsibility project motivation”, says Küçükoğlu.

It will be an Exemplary Facility

In this context, land allocation signing ceremony was held in presence of Filli Boya General Manager Tayfun Küçükoğlu, Balıkesir Governor Ersin Yazıcı, Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Ahmed Edip Uğur, Balıkesir Chamber of Industry President İsmail Uğur, Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce Fahri Ermişler. Küçükoğlu expressed their dedication to create an exemplary facility in Balıkesir, after signing the protocol.