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Invest in Balıkesir

Sector Leaders Choose Balıkesir 21 February 2017

With SMDA’s guidance and support, especially in finding a suitable land for investment, Turkey’s biggest fruit producer Anadolu Etap chose Balıkesir’s Gönen Organized Industrial Zone for its new investment and signed a contract with OIZ administration for establishment of their 20 decares wide storage and packaging facility.

Gönen OIZ board chairman Necmi KOÇ says “Gönen OIZ provides very attractive conditions like industrial treatment plant and low land prices. We have every logistic and infrastructure means to meet the needs of any sector. Additionally, as the OIZ administration, we are very ready and willing to help investors in finding suitable lands for investments”. Talking about SMDA’s role as a bridge between the investor and Gönen OIZ, KOÇ adds “Taking this environment-friendly investment, which will contribute greatly to Gönen’s agriculture sector, as an example, we will be constantly in contact with SMDA and work tirelessly in order to bring more investments to our OIZ”.

Underlining the importance they attribute to improvement and enlargement of OIZs, SMDA Secretary General adds “3 different OIZs in our region started to see concrete outcomes from our latest fiscal stimulus programs. We will keep supporting the OIZs as the incentives given to these zones help our industrialists expand their businesses. We have a investor-friendly bureaucracy in our region, and we are dedicated to use this in advantage of our investors”.

Anadolu Etap Logistics and Purchasing Manager Okan TAYLAN tells that this investment will create at least 200 jobs at the start and this number will increase overtime. TAYLAN also talks about their future high technology fruit processing investment plans in the region. Anadolu Etap, which is a joint corporation created by Anadolu Group, Özgörkey Holding and Brazilian Cutrale in 2009, became one of the sector leaders in a short time with its 2 facilities and 6 farms. Producing a variety of fruits from apricots to apples, using good agriculture practices, Anadolu Etap is in possession of largest lands (24.000 decares) dedicated to fruit growing in Turkey.