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Invest in Balıkesir

Chinese Investors’ Attention to Balıkesir is Increasing 21 February 2017

A delegation of Chinese investors, which consisted of Gao Shengli, Li Chengbin, Cui Jianwei and Niu Fuzeng visited Balıkesir. All members of the delegation were high ranking representatives of their respective institutions and companies, among which there were foreign investment and economic cooperation organizations along with leading Chinese solar heating and irrigation systems producers.

During their 2 days visit, Chinese delegation held several meetings with SMDA, the Governorate, Chambers of Industry and Trade, and Organized Industrial Zone representatives. Also several industrial zones, especially those closer to İstanbul logistics-wise, and a variety of different companies from different sectors were visited within the scope of the program.

While half of the delegation was interested in acquiring knowledge regarding the investment environment in Balıkesir for their companies; the other half was more interested in sharing their experience with the industry investors within their home provinces. The delegation expressed their happiness and gratitude for the opportunity.

As a result of the program, a mutual agreement was made in order to make periodic visits to increase the Chinese investors’ attention; and in order to increase the cooperation in potentially profitable sectors.