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Invest in Balıkesir

Balıkesir will Become the Center of Husbandry Investments 21 February 2017

Balıkesir is a province with the most suitable climate and geographical conditions for husbandry; and thanks to a recent decision by the Metropolitan Municipality of Balıkesir, a betterment in zoning levels regarding husbandry investments will increase the large scale investments in this sector even more. With this decision, zoning limit for husbandry investments was increased to 40% from 5%.

Ahmet Edip Uğur, Balıkesir Mayor and SMDA Board Member, declared that Balıkesir will become the center of husbandry investments in Turkey. Uğur says “Balıkesir is a province of agriculture and husbandry. Prior to this decision, in 1/100.000 plan the investors could build their facilities only 5% of the area they owned. Thanks to tireless ministry-level efforts of our related city-level institutions, with this recent decision, 40% of a 14.000 sqm area can be used to build a husbandry facility, which makes its size a 5.600 sqm. Above 14.000 sqm, this limit becomes 25%. From now on, there are no more obstacles before investors who intend to make a husbandry investment in the province. This is very important regarding supporting the husbandry in Balıkesir, I whole heartedly congratulate everyone contributed to this outcome”.