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Invest in Balıkesir

Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone

Balıkesir OIZ, which is based on an area of 5,600 acres, is Balıkesir's first and largest organized industrial zone.There are companies manufacturing machinery and equipment, food, textile and textile products, chemistry, plastic and leather sector, in the Balıkesir OIZ.

The industrial products loaded from the Gökköy Logistics Center, which is only 500 meters away from the industrial zone, can easily reach the world markets via Bandırma Port.



İzmir-Bursa Road

6 km

İstanbul İzmir Highway

5 km



Gökköy Logistic Center

500 m



Bandırma Port

111 km



Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport

90 km

The infrastructure services such as electricity, water, natural gas, road, treatment plant of Balıkesir Organized Industral Zone have been completed. In addition to professional security services, public security units (gendarmerie) are located in Balikesir OIZ. Balıkesir OIZ carries out projects to produce its own electricity with 15 MW wind energy production. There is also truck parking area in the OSB to prevent logistical operations of factories causing irregular pauses on the main road. There is a fully equipped conference room for 350 people suitable for any kind of organization structure open to the use of the regional enterprises.

Balıkesir Organized Industry Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is located in the OIZ with an area of 20.000 m2. Approximately 200 technicians graduate from this training institution from various professions each year.

The expansion work of Balıkesir OIZ continues rapidly. The OIZ plans to expand the existing 560 hectare area to an area of 3126 hectares with enlargement work.

Balikesir OIZ information note about the OIZ and the parceling plan can be accessed through the following links.