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Invest in Balıkesir

Mining in Balıkesir

Mining in Turkey

Balıkesir province has a potential in mining investments. Wide variety of mines and rich reserves make Balıkesir a center of attraction for investors. Boron, marble, kaolin, bentonite, halloysite, magnesite, clay, perlite, talcum, wollastonite, gold, silver, copper, zinc, antimony, manganese, iron, chrome, mercury, amethyst, zeolite and lignite reserves stand out as prominent mine resources.

Balıkesir boasts 15% and 20% of the boron reserves of the world and Turkey, respectively, while also 60% of Turkey’s kaolin reserves lie beneath the province’s soil.

Marble has a significant importance among natural stones and is among the leading export items of Turkey. Marble quarries of Balıkesir have 1.300.000.000 m3 processable marble reserve. Marble Major reserves of the province are located in Marmara Island, Manyas, Erdek, Bigadiç counties. Balıkesir boasts the highest number of marble quarries with 27% and 250 quarries.

For regional incentives, Balıkesir is in the 3rd Region while 5th region incentives are implemented in mine extraction and processing sector.


Balıkesir ili maden haritası

Balıkesir maden varlığı


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