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Invest in Balıkesir

Industry in Balıkesir

Industry in Turkey

Structure of the Industry Sector in Balıkesir               

With its developing economy, Turkey is becoming one of the major centers of world economy. Global sized enterprises prioritize Turkey in their investment decisions and investors gain advantages thanks to elements such as Turkey’s geographic location, natural resources and trained labor force.

Marmara Region is the geographical region where industrial activity is the most intense in Turkey. 70% of the industrial businesses country-wide are located in 12 provinces, Istanbul being the most prominent.  Taking a glance at the provinces nearby Turkey, one can easily observe that industry investments are at a ‘saturation’ point in those places so much that, leave alone new investments, even existing investments have no place to expand. In this light, Balıkesir is seen as a ‘reserve area’ and expected to become a new centre of attraction for the industry sector.

Trained labor force, multi-alternative land-sea-air transport, rich underground and ground sources, proximity to industrial centers and many such advantages underline Balıkesir in hosting sustainable investments.

Presence of land suitable for investments, regional incentives and support that create significant advantages to enterprises, low cost of lands and inter-agency coordination makes Balıkesir even more attractive for investments.

Another important factor to be considered in moving the industry investments in our region is the transportation and logistics infrastructure of the region. Together with the advantage of Balıkesir’s proximity to three big industrial centers like İstanbul, Bursa and İzmir; completion of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir and Kınalı-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Balıkesir highways will empower the region even more in terms of transportation and logistics. Also, Gökköy Logistics Centre, which is located in the city center, will be function as the most important gathering and transfer center of the Great Anatolian Logistics Organisations (BALO); since BALO’s most important objective is creating a new route by crossing Marmara Sea on Bandırma-Tekirdağ line with train ferries and alternate already existing the old railroad route which came from Anatolia and reached Europe by crossing the Bosphorus.  Bandırma, the coastal town which has important duties in transportation network, is the industrial center of the region with the advantages its high-scale industrial facilities, international port and railroad connection create.

There are 16 small industrial areas, 8 organized industrial zones (of 3 are still at the construction stage while 5 are fully intact). Of 5 intact OIZs, 2 are working on projects to expand the size of their areas. The coordination between OIZs, creates a strong profile for investment environment.

Prominent Industry Sectors in Balıkesir

Balıkesir hosts over 1,300 enterprises operating a wide variety of industry branches. Main manufacture branches are food products, feed manufacture, mining, forestry products and trees, chemicals and plastic, metal products, machinery and equipment, electrical, electronic motor vehicle parts manufacture.

Balıkesir can be divided into three axles; Bandırma and vicinity in the north, Altıeylül-Karesi and surrounding counties in the center and Bay counties in the west. Bandırma and vicinity is leader in meat processing, poultry farming, oil, milled wheat, feedstuff, leather, chemicals and marble processing sectors. Altıeylül-Karesi and surrounding counties lead in dairy products, textile, woodworks and furniture, metal products, electric appliances, agriculture and forestry machinery and motor vehicle parts. Bay counties are prominent in olive and olive oil sector. Fruit and vegetable processing is advanced throughout Balıkesir.

According to TOBB Industry Database 2015 figures, 34.793 employees are working in 1298 enterprises scattered within the provincial borders of Balıkesir. Industrial enterprises are located more densely in Balıkesir city centre, Bandırma and Gönen, while most of these industrial enterprises are on SMEs.

With accelerated industry sector investments, Balıkesir draws attention with its increasing export capacity.

About 50 products including food, mines, marble, synthetic sacks, electric appliances, chemical substances, etc. have taken their place in the export network.


In 2015 Industrial Export has reached $475.260.000.

Heavily Exported Products in Balıkesir

  • Tree and Forestry Products
  • Electric-Electronic
  • Mining Products
  • Chemical Substances and Products
  • Fruit and Vegetable Products
  • Olive and Olive Oil
  • Leather and Leather Products
  • Textile Raw Materials
  • Other Industrial Products


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