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Invest in Balıkesir


Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Economy provides support for investments for reducing regional development differences, increasing value added investments through incentives, improving production and employment figures, spreading research and development that would increase international competitive power. Investments In Organized Industrial Zones Are Under The Scope Of 4th Region Investments. Under Ministry of Economy Incentives “Balıkesir benefits from Region 3 regional incentives.

Regional Incentive Practices

Customs Tax Exemption

Machinery and equipment to be imported in the investment that will benefit from incentive are exempt from customs tax.

VAT Exemption

Machinery and equipment to be purchased for the investment that will benefit from incentive are exempt from VAT.

Insurance Premium Employer Share Support

Through Insurance Premium Employer Share Support, insurance premium employer share for the additional employment within the scope of the incentive that corresponds to the minimum wage premiums are paid by the Ministry.

Tax Reduction

In investments subject to incentives, income and corporate tax are paid with reductions at rates stipulated separately for regions the investment is made.

Investment Site Allocation

In investments realized with incentive certificate, free site allocation can be made to hasten the investment in some cases.

Interest Support

In investment loans with at least one year maturity to be used within the scope of regional investment incentive, interest reduction support is provided.

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

The ministry provides the following supports to enterprises for transforming industry into a more competitive structure, supporting and developing R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Technoenterprise Capital Support

Technoenterprise Capital Support provides support to young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for concept development, feasibility, laboratory works, design prototype production, pilot facility installation, trial runs and type tests.

Industrial Dissertations Project Support

Within the scope of Industrial Dissertations (SAN-TEZ) Program, Ministry provides support for SMEs to adopt the culture of coordination with universities in R&D and innovation related works.

Technology Development Zones

Incentives are provided within the scope of Technology Development Zones to improve university-industry cooperation in the country, to enable entrepreneurs, researchers and academics that wish to produce new or high technology products in conducting their industrial and commercial activities alongside or near universities and benefit from these universities.

Support provided for Technology Development Zones are;

  • Income and Corporate Tax Withholding Support
  • Staff Wage Taxes Withholding Support
  • VAT Exemption
  • Insurance Premium Incentive
  • Wastewater Incentive
  • Incentives for Foreign Investors
  • Facilitating Employment of Foreign Nationals
  • R&D Investment Support
  • Supports Provided to Academics


TÜBİTAK (Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey)

TÜBİTAK, conducts support programs to incentivize R&D works of added value creating enterprises and thus increase R&D capabilities of Turkish Industry. Grants for up to 60% of the investment can be provided.

  • Industry R&D Projects Support Program
  • Project Markets Support Program
  • SME R&D start-up Support Program

International Industry R&D Projects Support Program

KOSGEB (Small And Medium Industry Development Organızation)

 The organization provides various supports to support small and medium sized enterprises.

These supports are granted to increase investments of enterprises, increase their technology utilization rate and increase its R&D capacity.

Providing grant and credit opportunities at various rates depending on the support type, KOSGEB creates serious advantages to investments in the region.

Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK)

 Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution provides support to investors to provide sustainable development in Turkey, serve priority goals and to ensure enterprises in the region can meet European Union Standards. Financial contribution is provided from the fund co-financed by the European Union and Turkish Republic. Investment support is nonrefundable

Provided Support Topics

  • Enterprises processing and marketing milk, red meat, white meat and eggs
  • Enterprises producing vegetable production and processing and marketing fruits and vegetables
  • Enterprises producing, processing and marketing bee products
  • Marine breeders and marine product producers

South Marmara Development Agency Supports

South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA) provides grants to SMEs registered to Çanakkale and Balıkesir through “Call for Proposal” method.

Call for proposal is a support type where SMEs within a specific support program can submit project proposals within specified subjects and conditions. Supports provided for SMEs about issues such as innovation and export capacity increase of enterprises and subjects and sectors to be supported can change each year depending on the program. The projects sorted by the scores, are provided grants according to the program budget. Successful projects are provided 50% grants. Part of the grant is paid in advance to the companies to relieve financing problems. Active grant programs and current information on grant programs can be checked at

For more detailed information see this document