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Invest in Balıkesir


Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK)

 Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution provides support to investors to provide sustainable development in Turkey, serve priority goals and to ensure enterprises in the region can meet European Union Standards. Financial contribution is provided from the fund co-financed by the European Union and Turkish Republic. Investment support is nonrefundable

Provided Support Topics

  • Enterprises producing milk, red meat, white meat and eggs
  • Enterprises processing and marketing milk, red meat, white meat and eggs
  • Enterprises producing vegetable production and processing and marketing fruits and vegetables
  • Enterprises producing, processing and marketing bee products
  • Marine breeders and marine product producers
  • Enterprises operating in ornamental plants – medicinal and aromatic plants

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Economy provides support for investments for reducing regional development differences, increasing value added investments through incentives, improving production and employment figures, spreading research and development that would increase international competitive power. Investments to Agriculture and Industrial Sectors based on Agricultural Products in Balıkesir shall Benefit from 3rd Region Incentives


Customs Tax Exemption

Machinery and equipment to be imported in the investment that will benefit from incentive are exempt from customs tax.

VAT Exemption

Machinery and equipment to be purchased for the investment that will benefit from incentive are exempt from VAT.

Insurance Premium Employer Share Support

Through Insurance Premium Employer Share Support, insurance premium employer share for the additional employment within the scope of the incentive that corresponds to the minimum wage premiums are paid by the Ministry.

Tax Reduction

In investments subject to incentives, income and corporate tax are paid with reductions at rates stipulated separately for regions the investment is made.

Investment Site Allocation

In investments realized with incentive certificate, free site allocation can be made to hasten the investment in some cases.

Interest Support

In investment loans with at least one year maturity to be used within the scope of regional investment incentive, interest reduction support is provided.


Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock

Husbandry Support

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock provides support per livestock each year to popularize animal husbandry.

Support subjects are: milch and combined species and their hybrids and fatling species and their hybrids, breeder buffola, breeder sheep-goat, feeding material production.

Diesel Fuel, Fertilizer and Soil Analysis Support

Farmers are provided with diesel oil, fertilizer and soil analysis support each year per decare for increasing modern agriculture activities and efficiency in agriculture.

Support subjects are: Landscape and ornamental plants, special grazing, meadow and forestry assets areas, cereals, forage plants, legume family, tuber crops, fruit and vegetable areas, oilseeds and industry plants.

Organic Agriculture and Good Agriculture Support

Support is provided to increase organic agriculture and good agricultural practices of producers.

Support subjects are fruits, vegetables, arable crops, breeder cow, buffalo, calf, breeder sheep, goat, hive with bees, greenhouse, ornamental plants, medical aromatic plants; and support is provided per animal or decare.

Certified Seed and Sapling Use and Production Support

Apart from these support types, milk analysis, raw milk, dry milk, animal disease indemnity, disease free processing, certified business, hive bee and marine products supports are available.

Ziraat Bank Loans

Ziraat Bank provides loan support in various subjects to people occupied in agriculture and husbandry to support agricultural development.

Vegetative production Loans Forbes: Greenhouse, Good Agricultural Practices, Organic Agriculture, Modern Pressure Irrigation, Agriculture Machinery, Harvest and Marketing, Land Purchase, Certified Seed, Seedling and Sapling Production, Perennial Animal Feed Plant Production.

Livestock Loans Forbes: Breeder Milch Cow, Bovine and Ovine Dairy Animal, Breeder Heifer and Fatling Cow Breeding, Bovine and Ovine Fatling, Breeder Poultry Raising, Beekeeping, Thoroughbred Horse Breeding.

Marine Products Forbes: Marine Product Hunting, Marine Product Breeding.

South Marmara Development Agency Supports

South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA) provides grants to SMEs registered to Çanakkale and Balıkesir through “Call for Proposal” method.

Call for proposal is a support type where SMEs within a specific support program can submit project proposals within specified subjects and conditions. The support programs, which can be applied for at certain times of the year, have so far provided SMEs with support in developing agriculture based industry, processing agricultural products and producing machinery and equipment for agriculture and food sectors and subjects and sectors to be supported can change each year depending on the program.

The projects sorted by the scores, are provided grants according to the program budget. Successful projects are provided 50% grants. Part of the grant is paid in advance to the companies to relieve financing problems. Active grant programs and current information on grant programs can be checked at