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Invest in Balıkesir


For Frequently Asked Questions and to get a head start, you can use this page.

How can you help me to find lands suitable for investment?

You can either pay us a visit in the Investment Support Office directly, or contact us either by phone or online. Once you specify your field of investment, size of the land you desire and specific traits you are looking for in the location of investment, by using the geographical information system, our specialists will inform you regarding the most suitable lands for your investment.

What documents are needed for Investment Support Office to directly follow the bureaucratic processes of obtaining permits and approvals?

As a prerequisite, you have to make an official application for Investment Support Office to follow your procedures all at once. Otherwise, since Investment Support Office will not be officially authorized, we will not be able to follow the bureaucratic procedures in your name.

Documents below must be submitted without any reserve in for offical application to be considered complete:

A project introduction document which contains information regarding investor’s profile, aim of the investment, subject of the investment, possible investment location, foreseen amount of investment and the jobs created, and what the basic needs (water [m3], natural gas [m3] and electricity [kWa]) will be.

  1. A document which contains information regarding which steps related to the investment have already been taken so far, which permits were taken or not, and the Agency’s help is sought in what fields exactly.
  2. Warrant of attorney telling the person who will be following the investment in coordination with South Marmara Development Agency is authorized to do so; or documents telling the applicant is the business owner, and certificate of incumbency.
  3. If the location of the investment is determined, maps of 1/25000 and 1/5000 scales showing the area.
  4. If the location of the investment is determined, copies of real estate deeds (or lease); or if the land is not leased or purchased yet, warrants of attorney taken from the land owners.
  5. Application receipt and a fulfilled application document.

What are the basic taxes and their percentages?

Operating return: 20%

Income tax:

Up to TL 12,000:


For TL 29,000’s TL 12,000, TL 1,800. The rest:


For TL 66,000’s TL 29,000, 5,200 TL (in wages, for TL 106,000’s TL 29,000, 5,200 TL). The rest:


For amounts higher than TL 66,000: for TL 66,000, TL 15,190 TL (in wages, for amounts higher than TL 106,000: for TL 106,000 TL, TL 25,990). The rest:


For which investments the “Environmental Impact Assessment (ÇED)” is needed?

For the projects which are mentioned in Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation’s Appendix-I; for the projects which are mentioned in Appendix-II and labeled “Environmental Impact Assessment is Required”; and both for projects which are within or outside of the extent of this Regulation and subject to capacity increase and/or extension which will be equal to or higher than limit values mentioned in the Regulation’s Appendix-I, Environmental Impact Assessment Report will be needed.

What are the minimum legal costs of a blue collar and a white collar employee to the employer in Turkey?

Minimum cost of a blue collar employee to the employer: TL 1,935.23 (legal obligation)

Minimum cost of a white collar employee to the employer: TL 3,000 and above (average of real life applications)

We receive incentives from another public institution for our investment project at the moment. Is it possible to benefit from the Ministry of Economy Investment Incentives for the same project?

Investment projects which are benefiting from those incentives in the extent ‘new incentives system’ cannot benefit from other public institutions’ and foundations’ incentives; also, for investment projects who benefit from other public incentives are ineligible to receive the Investment Incentive Certificate.

Is it possible to acquire the machines and devices by leasing them in the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate?

It is possible to acquire the machines and devices completely or partially by leasing them in the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate. However, for those investments which will be made by leasing, total cost of the machines and devices must be a minimum of TL 200,000 for each leasing company.

Is it possible to acquire second hand machinery and devices in the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate?

It is not possible to acquire local second hand machinery and devices within the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate. However, used materials which are allowed to be imported under the scope of “Edict Regarding Some Materials Which Can Be Imported as Used or Renovated” which was published due to Import Regime Decision, can be imported with the exception of land transport vehicles.    

How to reach the international companies about sales/purchase/cooperation on the internet?

TOBB2B is a project implemented by TOBB that provides free access to international companies. TOBB2B is a professional matching e-platform that is inspired by the way of trading in the form of inter-company marketing or sales applications, brings together the domestic and foreign business world, develops cooperation opportunities and is set up for our SMEs to recognize potential business partners. )

How to reach the logistics companies providing customs storage, transportation, distribution and international transportation services in the area of Dangerous Goods Transportation in foreign trade?

International Transporters Association (UND) website lists the logistic companies' contact information filtered in the areas of expertise of "Dangerous Goods Transport". )

How can technical barriers to trade be reported to the authorities?

You can reach the authorities by contacting the "Technical Barriers you encounter" link on the website, which belongs to the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection of the Ministry of Commerce.