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Invest in Balıkesir

Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone

Balıkesir was connected to İstanbul Yalova, Bursa and Kocaeli with roads and sea ways and the role Bandırma played in the process of removing logistics from İstanbul increases the importance of Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone.

Bandırma OIZ is established over 1610 hectare of land with fully constructed basic infrastructure and construction works and managed with modern management approaches. Thanks to its proximity to Bandırma port, it has a potential to become an export base and draws the interest of investors from İstanbul and its proximity. Bandırma port works around the clock and is a multi-purpose international port.



İzmir-Bursa Highway

60 km

İstanbul-İzmir Highway

40 km



Gökköy Logistics Center

30 km



Bandırma Port

30 km

Bandırma University that focuses on applied sciences provides qualified labor needs of the region while conducting many projects and programs to enhance industry-university coordination. The university graduates about 1000 engineers and technicians each year, providing qualified labor supply for the industry of the region.

Companies in Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone operate in different areas such as machinery and equipment, food processing and packaging, chemical products, iron & steel, forestry and tree products, etc.

Expansion works for Bandırma OIZ continue.