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Ayvalık Food Specialised Organised Industrial Zone

Location: Altınova/Ayvalık

Ayvalık Food Specialised Organised Industrial Zone will be established in an area of 571 acres and will consist of 51 parcels. After excluding the areas reserved for social facilities and infrastructure areas, 300 acres will be at industry investments’ disposal. Businesses which applied to have a place in the Zone so far demanded lands 3.5 acres minimum and 11 acres maximum in size.

Almost all businesses which operate in sectors related to food industry (from biscuit production to olive processing and agricultural machinery production) will be welcomed to have their place in the Zone.

By April 2016, 17 businesses made official applications in order to have their places in the Zone. At the moment, these applications are accepted in principle and geological analyses are going on in order to start the construction. While waiting for the Environmental Impact Assessment process to be completed, the investors are expected to found a NGO as an umbrella structure. Once founded, the Zone’s executive board will include 1 representative from this very NGO, 1 from Municipality of Ayvalık, 1 from Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce, and 1 from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.