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Invest in Balıkesir

Our Services

South Marmara Development Agency is on Your Side with the Investment Support Office in Balıkesir

Investment Support Office in Balıkesir engages in a variety of activities in order to develop the business and investment environment in the province; to attract investors by promoting the investment opportunities to the investors; and to inform and guide the investors.

Investment Support Office in Balıkesir offers a variety of services to the investors with its:
  • Qualified staff
  • Strong institutional structure
  • Strong communication network among the institutions.
Investment Support Offices Work in Order to:
  • Inform the investor in the areas they need
  • Prepare analyses, reports, inventory works and share them with the investor
  • Support the investor in determining the suitable lands for investment
  • Follow the bureaucratical procedures, such as obtaining legal permits and approvals, in the investor’s name
  • Arrange events to promote the investment environment in the province
  • Prepare and apply strategies to improve ththe investment and business environment in the province while strengthening the cooperation between the institutions which the investor deals with.
Promoting the Investment Environment of the Province

We prepare written/visual materials and also participate in and arrange events like conferences, exhibitions, seminars, meetings and business trips, both inside the country and abroad in order to promote the business and investment environment of the province and attract the investors.

Inventory of Lands Suitable for Investment in Your Hands

South Marmara Development Agency supports the investors in finding lands suitable for investment by utilising the geographical information system built in the institution. Information regarding the lands are obtained online and being kept up to date constantly thanks to the protocols made with the related institutions and establishments. Dealers and property owners who are eager to sell or lease their lands out to the investors help expand the lands suitable for investment database by personally visiting our institution.

Information-Guidance Services in the Investment Support Office

We engage in activities in order to inform and guide investors on topics such as priorities, scopes, prerequisities, documents needed for application and the like regarding financial and technical incentives applied central or local level by either public or private funds. Information and guidance services also include providing necessary insight and counseling to the investor before and during investment process as well as post-investment business activities.

By conducting researches in the prominent sectors of the province, we collect data on variables which have direct influence over pre-investment decision making process, such as raw materials, energy, logistics, workforce; and make them available to the investor at any point of the investment process.

In accordance with the needs of the enterprises within Balıkesir, we also arrange a variety of training programs conducted by experts of related fields.

Get Ahead of the Bureaucracy

By tracking the investments’ permit and approval procedures within the bureaucracy all at once, we help you conclude the process as fast as possible.